Accurate Title Company is a full-service title insurance agency that is a new breed of title company with the expertise and ability to handle the most complex transactions along with the skill and responsiveness of a boutique firm. At Accurate Title Company it is more than professionalism and consistently outstanding service. It’s a level of passion about title which is unmatched in the industry. It is about our highly skilled staff who are committed to ensuring the success of every transaction. It is about our strong relationships with our clients and our drive to ensure we are doing everything we can to bring the closing to the table.

Accurate Title Company is a local title company with its office in Overland Park, Kansas that operates on a platform providing its full array of products on a nationwide basis. From property searches to Title Insurance and full closings, for both Residential and Commercial transactions, Accurate is your partner for your Kansas City transactions, as well as those across the United States.

Accurate Title Company has a solid reputation for integrity, precision and professionalism. Throughout the years we have grown in stature and respectability, consequently earning the distinction of being the “home of the true professionals”. We are proud to provide a complete range of Title Services for our clients and customers. Our people make the difference and we believe our growth and market dominance is attributed to our professional staff. Their long term tenure with our company has been to everyone’s advantage. Because we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, we have distinguished ourselves as a “go to” title company in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Five good reasons to choose Accurate Title Company as your title company

1. Locally owned & operated:
Understand that you always have the option to choose your own real estate title closing agent to guarantee against any conflict of interest. By requesting that your lender use a title company that you have selected, your best interests are protected. Accurate Title Company is owned and operated in accordance with ALTA’s Best Practices for title companies. This means that every transaction is subject to the high level of expertise and experience, and is supported by the underlying systems and structure set forth by the American Land Title Association. Accurate Title Company has the professional resources available to anticipate problems and proactively address them if they arise. The result is an efficient transaction that closes smoothly and free of problems, both for the Seller and the Buyer or property owner refinancing.

2. Experience:
Accurate Title Company focuses on Missouri and Kansas title transactions including the Kansas City greater metropolitan areas. A secondary focus is to provide a national platform on which Accurate Title Company is able to extend its products and services across the United States to work with both local and national clients in any states where they operate.

The staff members at Accurate Title Company have well-established business relationships with the associations, lenders, and integral support companies providing management, insurance, Realty, survey, and appraisal services in the area. This means Accurate Title Company completes every transaction smoothly and quickly, with no time lost tracking down the people and companies necessary to get the real estate transaction completed.

3. Local Convenience:
Accurate Title Company is conveniently located and is an established local business. This gives them an advantage in making sure every aspect of the transaction gets done more quickly and efficiently. Accurate Title Company can also handle your closing by electronic communication saving you the time and expense of travel.
4. Affordable Rates:
Accurate Title Company recognizes that it is important to keep settlement fees reasonable. Accurate is dedicated to keeping the standard fees for a real estate closing transaction at a determined and competitive rate. This means that both sellers and buyers can count on one of the lower fee and cost quotes from Accurate Title Company. This allows lenders to provide their buyers accurate Good Faith Estimates for every transaction. Accurate Title Company’s standard fees and costs list means no financial surprises at closing, and a smooth and efficient real estate transaction for all parties.

5. Friendly & Prompt Service:
Accurate Title Company is a local professional business. The staff are knowledgeable local professionals who can help out every client quickly and effectively. Clients can come in to the office or use electronic communication to discuss their file, obtain copies of important documents, or give us necessary files. Most title requests are executed within two to three business days, which results in a faster closing and less stress for all parties. Accurate Title Company uses the latest technology available, so every aspect of the closing transaction is completed very quickly and efficiently, with constant communication between all involved parties, including buyers, sellers, Realtors and lenders. This level of communication and service results in satisfied clients and stress-free real estate settlement closings.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Licensed to provide title insurance in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado.